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When laying an area rug over a hard surface such as hardwood flooring, the biggest concern about the rug's movement is that it will slide around. When laying the rug over carpet, however, the concern is more about the rug wrinkling or rippling, which presents a big tripping hazard.

Area rugs contribute to a room's overall aesthetic, set the tone and style for a space, establish areas, and tie all other design elements together, no While rugs are often seen as a way to add texture to hard concrete, wood, or tile floors, wall-to-wall carpeting should never be a deterrent for buying your

Layering an area rug on carpet was once a home decor don't. Modern style, however, embraces rugs on top Use this guide to learn how to layer rugs over carpet and get more style out of any room. Rugs can be layered on top of carpeting to reduce carpet wear and tear in areas that get a lot of foot

Many homeowners layer rugs over carpet to bring color, pattern, and creativity to their space. Here are a few ways to use an area rug over carpet that will If your carpeting has a short pile, then a thick area rug such as a shag can blanket the room with welcoming softness. You can also help plush

Lay the rug over the support with the pile side uppermost. Try to keep the edges straight or they may dry with a permanent curl. A rug that is going to be laid on a hard floor will slide around unless it has a non-slip backing. Perhaps your carpet already had such a backing, but otherwise you will need to

Layering rugs is on trend, but is it okay to layer a rug over carpet? H&H's Joel Bray and Jennifer Koper say yes and offer expert advice on how to achieve