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Browse 114 photos of Lime Wash Paints. The lime wash will last for decades and the weather and wear will continue to enhance the desired patina. antique limewash effect created with BioCalce Classico - hollie_whitehead74.

Bedroom Tamarama Home Bedroom by Decus Interiors. Bauwerk Saltbush Lime Paint is perfect for all masonry surfaces such as render, cement and bricks. Bauwerk Lime Paint - Poppy Seed is a dark warm black colour from our range of lime wash

Mineral-based, natural limewash has a chalky, nuanced texture that only improves with age. Read on for everything you need to When it comes to paint, do the Belgians know best? Mineral-based, natural limewash is a Belgian basic with a chalky, nuanced texture

A beginner's guide to Limewash for Interiors.This video is perfect for anyone looking for a fun and easy DIY project that will add texture and interest to

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Bauwerk Limewash is a beautiful mineral-based natural paint, suitable formost interior and exterior walls. Light refracting calcite crystals within thestructure of lime gives limewash painted surfaces a