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Lime wash or "white wash" is the original house paint. It has been used for centuries to beautify and protect stone, brick and Lime wash can be applied on interior and exterior surfaces. It can be applied to stone, brick, concrete, plaster, limestone, wood and even

Limewash paint surface. Like Distemper Limewash is a breathable finish making it suitable for old This Limewash paint is easily applied as a 1-coat process to a damp surface and is washed off with

Compared to traditional paint, lime wash acts more like a stain by soaking into the surface of adobe, brick, wood, and many other substrates. As the limewashed area ages, it evolves into an attractive weathered patina. For this reason, the area you're covering

Painting with Limewash Paint. Posted by Celtic Sustainables on 1st May 2020. For limewash to stick, it relies on suction between itself and the wall's surface. It copes very well with natural materials

Usually with lime wash when you mix a bit of water in the paint it paints on a little easier. For the second coat you dilute it a bit more The first coat of lime wash doesn't look too great. You can see the beginning of the color, but it looks pretty blotchy and dark and light

Limewash. Here at Ingilby Paints we have been hand producing Limewashes for over 20 years Wet the surface down before limewashing (surface can act like blotting paper—sucking up the lime).